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Clothing design

Clothing styles and characteristics of color are often the first through the visual illusion caused by the rational and harmonious color combinations ,can often bring magical visual effects ,a find everything fresh and new .
Generally speaking ,color depth and heating branch. Dark is stability, calm ,gentle ,generous light appears ;cool appears calm ,dignified ,warm look a warm ,bold colors .If the match ,can make you look more attractive.
You are ready to choose what color clothes ?Will be a variety of colors to match ?Here introduce to you some basic clothing color scheme .The same colour collocation .It is one of the most simple ,the most basic color matching method .
The same colour refers to a series of the same or similar by hue ,lightness resulted from the change of shade shades of the same color can be achieved .With quiet ,dignified ,stable effect, suitable for temperament elegant mature woman .
But attention must be paid to the same colour is tie-in, the color and color difference between the brightness to be appropriate, difference too little ,too close to the tone of easy confusion, lack of sense of hierarchy ;the difference is too large, too strong color contrast to cut overall .
The same colour collocation is best in deep ,shallow ,Three levels of change, less than the three level with relatively dull ,but too many levels is easy to produce complex ,discursive effect.
Such as red tone of color matching,Snow ball & coconut milk yellow polished glutinous rice, by Rose tweed skirt ,camel red sweater ,dark red to purple shoes ,Garnet Earrings and makeup composition. The similar color dress collocation .
The so-called similar color refers to the color ring at about 90 degrees within theadjacent colors such as red and orange yellow .Orange and green ,yellow ,and green ,green and blue are similar in color .
The similar color with clothing more varied ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings,and can still get a harmonious and unified whole effect, is favoured by the main tone .Dress collocation .This color can be used with a variety of colors, but to determine a dominant role of the main color .
The main color with clothing and consistent set of tone ,the main color in the set of clothing should be accounted for a large proportion of the area or the more important position .And auxiliary color choice also should accord with the overall tone of the dress .
Apparel and clothing color clothing color match is divided into three categories :red ,yellow ,orange and the similar colors for the warm, gives the sensation of heat ;green ,blue is cool ,in order to give the feeling of cold, green ,purple is the color in the middle .
Winter chooses warm color ,Xia Xuan cool is a choice of clothing color original . the clothing color should be used to reconcile, clothing can seem generous end is installed .Choose clothing color tips : one is based on a color background colour ,with different shades of color close ;two is on a basis of main colors ,add a little color contrast ,also can give a person with elegant feeling generous .
Contrasting color ,that is the stage clothing ,daily wearing inappropriate clothing design .From the point of view ,color quality, the best performance of a person on the clothing appreciation ability .
And our appearance ,in addition to the mirror of the moment ,most of the time by others. Appreciation of evaluation ,thus ,to give up personal subjective preferences ,with objective criteria to decide the color match, but art wearing the first secret imperceptibly .
The colourful clothes ,street has drips into a river ,and often you and I are one of these molecules. Combed carefully ,you find ,this summer will be a full of fascinating world. Green mm green is the nature of the representative color .
From last year autumn green is one of the mainstream color ,still popular this year ,including pink pastel green more is Don breath of spring ,make you look like a brilliant sunshine .
Green grass with beige :basic color is absolutely safe ,but in order to emphasize and feeling of spring ,yellow or blue beautiful bright colors is also a good choice ,very suitable for the spring season .
Light green :green light itself colour is very light, easy to be neglected, therefore suitable for more eye-catching bright colors ,can show its characteristic ,or is paired with a yellow line ,give a person the feeling of spring .
Olive green :bright green and blue is the best friend ,especially water blue ,filled with warm pink tender feeling ,make sure you have the effect of surprise ,must have a try .Blue blue mm feels like ocean fresh and pleasant .
Adds a variety of soft and comfortable blue color ,let a person have spring soft feeling blue .Water :with different shades of deep blue, this year is quite popular color combinations ,in addition ,eye-catching red color or simple white ,are very suitable for ,Nike James five six seven eight generation entire record all series,worth a try .
Green blue :if you want to select a very suitable for most sea customs of the tone ,then red striped shirt is a quite good choice ,more for green blue beauty ,you absolutely Try to have a look .
Blue :blue stones ride the pink is the very good choice ,if is a mix of pop striped skirt ,then more cute girls breath !That will be adorable !Deep sky blue :deep sky blue and white with red ,pink ,if the collocation words ,it is more a find everything fresh and new feeling ,is the best choice ,try ,red line mm Pink :pink is the spring of the year one of the mainstream color ,may have a look with yellow green skirt ,but remember that the lower body to match colors to light a little ,don too old mannish .
Ruby red :you may think that red VS red too exaggerated ,but very popular feeling, and adorable .Emphasis is not plain coat is a single product, to show the beautiful ruby red .Yellow mm and as long as the contrasting colors to match ,if the earth colors give people calm feeling generous ,you pretty girl ,can be made of different sense collocation.
Fog Beige :mix with the color dress ,in accordance with this year popular feeling .The coat is light beige ,beige skirt is a deep ,mature ,intelligent, generous ,as if a beautiful Female .
And dark colors have to retreat and constriction .Be just perfect use of color two kind of impressions ,not only can amend ,conceal the stature is insufficient, and can highlight your advantages.
Such as under the light weight body ,should choose the dark light fabric skirt or trousers ,to weaken the lower extremity stout. Tall Busty Female ,in the choice of matching coat ,also suitable for dark .
This rule applies to most people ,unless your body be the pink of perfection ,Have the Spring Festival. Don't forget to retirees,do not need to hide something .Some MM always think up more color ,more rich and colorful &quot ;&quot ;.
Set in a five-color ,behind Luo Qi ,gold and silver hanging ,but the results were not good. Dress is beautiful, is not the price level ,key accessories decency ,suitable for age ,identity ,season and environment, customs and habits, the main body is tonal coherence ,achieve harmonious overall effect .
&quot ;color in harmony ,the &quot ;,correct color matching method ,should be selected in a series of one or two colors ,as the main tone ,occupy the costume large area, a small amount of other color supplement, in contrast ,foil or used to ornament key parts ,such as the collar ,belt ,Scarf and so on ,to achieve the harmonious unity in diversity effect in general ,clothing color matching are divided into two categories ,one category is coordinated with color ,another kind is the color collocation .
Contrasting color collocation is divided into 1 ,with a strong color :two far color scheme ,such as: yellow with purple ,red and green ,the color more intense .In daily life, we often see is black ,white ,gray and other colors of black ,white ,gray .
Colorless ,therefore ,whether they are with what kind of color ,there will be no big problem. Generally speaking ,if the same a brown and white collocation ,will appear bright and black with ;when it dark.
So in dress colour collocation should be measured, you are to highlight the which part of the clothing. Don cool color ,for example :dark brown ,dark purple and black collocation ,this will and black &quot ;grab color &quot ;the consequences of that set of clothes ,no focus ,apparel and overall performance will be very heavy ,dark color.
Black and yellow is the most beautiful with red and black matching ,very grand ,but without losing the flavor Oh ~ 2,complementary color match :two Relative color matching ,such as: red and green ,blue and orange, black and white ,color match can form bright contrast, sometimes get the better effect.
With black and white is always coordinated with color which can be divided into :1,congener color matching principle refers to the depth ,and different two the same color ,for example :green with blue ,dark green and light green ,coffee with cream, crimson with reddish ,similar color with clothing looks soft and gentle .
Pink color collocation, make the person looks soft a lot of ~ 2 ,similar color match :two comparatively close colors match ,such as :red and orange red or purple with yellow and green grass ,or orange color match ,not everyone is wearing a green can wear beautiful ,green and yellow collocation ,gives a feeling of spring ,the overall feeling is very elegant ,still ~ ~ lady taste inadvertently revealed occupation women of color with the occupation female wearing occupation .
Women activities is the Office ,low chroma can make the work which people devote oneself heart and soul to keep calm ,addressed a variety of issues ,create a quiet atmosphere .Occupation women wearing environment indoors ,in the limited space ,People hope to obtain more private space ,wearing low purity color will increase the distance between person and person ,reduce crowding .
Low purity color more easily with other colors are coordinated each other, which makes people increase the harmonious atmosphere ,thereby contributing to the formation of a cooperative pattern.
In addition ,can use low purity color to match features ,will Limited clothing with a rich combination .At the same time ,the low purity to the humble ,tolerant ,adidas JS WINGS 2.0 Uomo,mature ,borrow this color language ,occupation females are more susceptible to others attention and trust.
The white with the principles of white can match any color ,but should match skillfully ,also need to pay more attention to .White fitted striped yellow coat colour ,is the best combination ;wearing ivory white trousers ,wearing a purple suit ,with pure white shirt ,can be regarded as a success of the color, can fully display the personality ;ivory white trousers with white casual shirt wearing ,and a combination of successful ;white pleated skirt with pink sweater ,give a person with gentle and elegant feeling .
Red and white collocation is a daring combination .Wearing white shirts ,wearing a red skirt ,is hot Feeling cool .In contrast ,white, the more weight ,look more gentle. Blue collocation principle in all colors, blue and other colors of clothing most easy .
No matter is similar to black or blue ,deep blue ,are relatively easy to match ,but ,the effect that blue has constrictive figure ,full of charm .Vivid blue with red ,make the person appears charming ,beautiful ,but attention should be paid to the appropriate proportion of blue and red .
Approximate black blue coat, white shirt ,and tie tie ,at formal occasions ,can make a person mysterious and romantic .Curve bright blue coat and knee-length blue skirt again ,with white shirt ,white socks ,white shoes embellishment ,will give a kind of lightsome enchanting flavor .
Dressed in a blue coat and a blue vest ,pants with fine streaks of gray trousers ,a simple and elegant style .Because ,popular thin stripes can be soft blue gray contrast between ,more elegant temperament .
Blue coat with grey pleated skirt, is a kind of a combination of conservative ,but this combination with wine colored shirt and a sock ,revealing a personality ,and thus become lively rise.
Blue and lilac cover with ,for A delicate feeling. Blue dress with a white shirt is a very ordinary dress .If can put on a decorous lilac jacket ,will add a bit more mature metropolitan taste.
Wearing a purple sweater ,pants matchs blue-black narrow skirt ,Adidas Jeremy Scott Schuhe,even if no fancy pattern ,also can be in the natural outpouring of mature charm .Brown and white collocation collocation principle ,give a person a kind of pure feeling .
Golden brown knee-length skirt and shirt with a collar ,can reflect the glamour of short skirt ,add elegance .Selection of conservative elegant chestnut color fabric jacket ,with a red sweater ,red scarf ,bright vivid ,beautiful incomparable.
Brown sweater with the brown plaid pants ,can reflect refined and mature. Brown thick sweater with the skirt of brown cotton cloth ,the two texture difference ,show the wearer unique personality.
Black matching principle black is a all-match hundred with color ,no matter with what color are put together ,will be do not have a style, and beige with no exception !Now, weekend shopping, coat can be the summer of that piece or black T-shirt printing ,downloading to put on beige cotton with Lycra knee a dress ,wearing white color stripe Flat casual shoes ,whole person looks very comfortable ,but also filled with the smell of sunshine .
Actually, do not wear skirts can also ,put on a beige cotton casual pants ,low-rise, micro speaker best pants ,feet or pair of casual shoes ,still avant-garde ,youth is pressing .Through a beige beige with principles strict taste, is not difficult.
A light beige high-necked short-sleeved sweater ,with a black fine trousers ,wear the shining shiny black tip with shoes ,an occupation female professional feel to be just perfect foil .
If you want a competent, strong feeling ,that is choose a black stripe delicate skirt suit, with a beige luxury handbags ,both executive style yet elegant women .Many female friends would like to watch Korean dramas ,the girls have to wear full of urban fashion ,than the simple and similar plot and slow story rhythm wonderful times .
Read more, how much can summarize some Korean girls dress features: subtle and elegant ,bright but not dazzling .In or gentle or warm color ,Jeremy Scott Adidas,beige fashion girls commonly used color .
Nowadays for its fashion, beige Simple and full of intellectual beauty and become more often blue and white dress .Compared ,beige somewhat more warmth and elegance, no exaggeration ;and compared with the pure black ,beige soft ,not too serious.
In the pursuit of simple abandon complicated fashion trend ,beige in its pure elegant atmosphere and rigorous modern workplace atmosphere .Anastomosis. To any one color out of the best effect ,have to pay attention to collocation ,beige is no exception .
Color also represents the different meaning, have a look your clothes and your temperament whether with be the same outside and inside the &quot ;&quot ;?Red :active ,enthusiastic ,courage ,love ,health ,Savage :rich orange ,,,love ,future full of bold ,positive yellow :wisdom ,honor ,www.adidasjeremyscottit.com,loyalty ,hope ,joy ,light green :fair ,natural ,peace ,happiness ,mind ,naive blue :self-confidence ,eternal ,truth ,real ,silence ,cool Purple :authority ,respect ,dignity ,grace ,faith ,lonely :Black mysterious ,lonely ,dark ,pressure ,serious ,imposing white :sacred ,pure ,selfless ,simple ,safe ,honest I feel nothing special like color ,matching it good .
I still love Colorful ,but cannot spend ,or monotone point ,but very good taste is also very good .But if chosen words ,I think I still love red and black .These three colors with how is the eternal classic.

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